woensdag 27 april 2011

Vintage finds

Hi guys! 
Today seemed like a normal/boring day,  untill I heard that a couple of my classes were canceled. Because I had to wait several hours, I went to a vintage store in town.  I bought these two things which i wanted to show you guys!
In the first picture you can see my new sweater. The fabric is amazing and it looks a bit like the silver sweater from the H&M trend, (which is well-known on blogs!). The sweater is kind of short and is made to wear off shoulder. So it is perfectly for spring.  I also found this cute little clutch with a sort of snake pattern. 
The most amazing part of buying something in a vintage store is that you spend almost nothing! These two items costed me 5,50 Euros. You could say, luck was on my side today!
See you next time,

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