donderdag 28 april 2011

Today I don't feel like doing anything

Hi guys!

Our favorite song for months now, that's why we are so glad Bruno finally made a video for this song. You have to watch it, laughing guaranteed!


woensdag 27 april 2011

Vintage finds

Hi guys! 
Today seemed like a normal/boring day,  untill I heard that a couple of my classes were canceled. Because I had to wait several hours, I went to a vintage store in town.  I bought these two things which i wanted to show you guys!
In the first picture you can see my new sweater. The fabric is amazing and it looks a bit like the silver sweater from the H&M trend, (which is well-known on blogs!). The sweater is kind of short and is made to wear off shoulder. So it is perfectly for spring.  I also found this cute little clutch with a sort of snake pattern. 
The most amazing part of buying something in a vintage store is that you spend almost nothing! These two items costed me 5,50 Euros. You could say, luck was on my side today!
See you next time,

dinsdag 26 april 2011

Lipstick trend

J. Mendel

       Marc Jacobs

Hi guys!
I spotted this new trend on the latest catwalks: Orange lips! It popped off the catwalks during New York fashion week and is seen on celebs like Lily Allen and Agyness Deyn.
So today I bought one from the brand Catrice, which is kind of cheap but delivers a great result. I think this lipstick colour would be very nice in combination with a color-blocking outfit or just a simple minimalistic black and white outfit.  
What do you guys think of this new trend?


maandag 25 april 2011


Hi guys!

We need to have this awesome camera; Diana. It makes the most cool lomo pictures with a 'vintage' quality (as you can see in the last three photos). Not only the pictures are to falling for, also the camera himself is a very cutie to see and great to use as an accesorie. This Diana-thing would be perfect to capture funny and unforgettable moments in our life, like PINKPOP!
Does someone know where we can buy a camera like this? Hope to hearing from you!


donderdag 21 april 2011

New in: Accessories

Hi guys! Today's weater was amazing  (almost 25 degrees! ) so I spent lots of my time with my friends at terraces in the city. Since I was in the neighbourhood,  I picked up some accessories at H&M. Here are a few photos of them. (The bag in the background is vintage.)

Enjoy the weather

woensdag 20 april 2011

DIY: vintage blazer

Hi guys! I finally had the time to do a DIY-project with a vintage blazer today. I bought this blazer a week ago and I didn't like the colour of it (the blazer used to be cream-white). So I dyed it grey, but it became a total different colour (some sort of mint-green colour). Though I really like it! But I still thought it looked a bit boring so I changed the buttons with these cute ones. I totally adore it now and I can not wait to wear it! What do you guys think of my blazer?


maandag 18 april 2011


Hi guys!

A couple of weeks ago we could never imagine that we would be huge fans of color blocking once. Now we are! Ofcourse, our interest in this trend is a bit influenced by shops, like Zara and Mango, and other blogs. But we make our own combinations and give it a personal touch. We have bought a couple of items (like the green trousers in the last picture from Zara) and we try to create a perfect 'couleur ensemble'. We get our inspiration from these pictures and from other bloggers. As soon as it is finished we will show you the outfit.


vrijdag 15 april 2011

1504 - Outfits

Hi guys! Thank god, it's FRIDAY! We finally had the time to do our favourite thing in the whole world: SHOPPING. We are very excited about what we have bought and we will show them to you soon!
We also took some pictures of the outfits we have worn today. Unfortunately the weather was a bit off, so long sleeves and a jacket were necessary. Hope you like it!


Outfit 1: 
- Jacket - H&M
- Top - Zara
- Bag - Vintage
- Over knee boots - Manfield

Outfit 2:
- Jacket - Asos
- Shirt - H&M
- Jeans - Zara
- Heels - H&M

donderdag 14 april 2011


Hi guys, This year we will visit one of the best festivals in Holland; PINKPOP! We are looking forward to it and can not wait to see all te cool artists (like Justin nozuka!!!), dancing till the moonlight, party with our friends and just having fun. We hope the ambiance will be as good as on these pictures from the internet. Music, sun and happy people; craving for be there right now!


woensdag 13 april 2011

The start of something good

Hi guys, 

Because this is our first post we would like to introduce ourselves.

We are two 16-year-old BFF's from The Netherlands. We have had the idea of starting a blog for over a year but it was never the right moment for us. Lookbook and bloglovin have been our favourite hotspots on the internet for years now, we get a lot of inspiration of the people on these sites. That is one of the reasons why we wanted to get our own place to show our passion for fashion, music, friends, food, parties and photography.
Hope you will enjoy!